Quilted Table Runners

Toby’s quilted reversible table runners are made of 100% cotton and are reversible with a polyester fleece layer inside. They are completely quilted, usually in a criss-cross pattern. They are machine washable and dryable. Cold water wash recommended.

Consider getting more than one table runner to protect your table. You can change table runners with the seasons, and also depending on the formality of the occasion. A quilted table runner from Toby’s is guaranteed to be hand made in the USA. Please contact Toby by phone at 443-243-2862– or through the contact page to inquire about the table runners or to place an order.

Standard Table Runner Approximately 11.5″ x 42″ $20.00
Large Table Runner Approximately 11.5″ x 71″ $45.00 (custom order)
Small Table Runner Approximately 11.5″ x 35″ $20.00 (custom order)